About Us

Here at Dye Happy Yarn, we believe in making the world a better place through the practice of handcraft. That the therapeutic qualities of natural fibres work as a conduit linking the maker to those who came before and those who will follow after. Allowing the maker to step into the cycle of universal creative energy.

I'm Tureya, the dyer behind Dye Happy and I believe in the healing properties of colour and fibre crafts. Among their many offerings are peace, patience, joy and comfort. My passion is facilitating creativity, so it is incredibly humbling to play a small part in your creative life by providing hand dyed yarns for you to work with. 

Dye Happy exists because we have a supportive family and community surrounding us. Many dyers and crafts people have shared their expertise and knowledge with me. And, of course, it’s people like you who buy the yarn, engage with the social media posts and visit the website who make this all possible. Therefore, I humbly acknowledge all of you who make this a reality for me and my family. Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa.

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Diversity and Inclusivity

Yarn is for everybody, craft is for everybody, connection is for everybody. Dye Happy exists to support the creative journey of people of all ethnicities, religions, gender identities, sizes, abilities and ages.  As a business owner and a person, I am constantly learning how to best serve people with different lived experience than mine. I strive to make Dye Happy spaces, both physical and online welcoming to all, and any behaviour to the contrary will not be tolerated.


Environmental Considerations

Wool is a sustainable, ethical, biodegradable wonder product! Here at Dye Happy, we only dye yarns grown and milled in Aotearoa. And are proud to support the NZ wool industry in doing so. 

We dye our yarn in rainwater, collected from the roof and use professional acid dyes which, by adding citric acid to the dye bath, chemically bond to the fibres of the yarn. We ensure that dye is fully exhausted (so that there are no dye particles left in the water) before the water is returned to a neutral ph using baking soda and then used to water our flower garden.


Other Considerations

Dyeing is an art and no two skeins are identical, even from the same dye lot. For bigger projects I recommend alternating skeins for more even colour distribution. When knitting in the round, my favorite method of doing this is Helical Knitting. Simply stop 3 stitches before the end of your round, slip those stitches then begin knitting again with your 2nd yarn.

The 'we' used above is royal...it's just me, dyeing in my kitchen around the kids and home life. My sincerest hope is that Dye Happy yarn inspires you to create, and that creating gives you the excitement, pleasure and joy that I get from dyeing.

Caring for your hand dyed yarn

If your yarn is labelled 'machine wash' it means the yarn has been treated to resist felting in the washing machine. However for best results, hand wash in cold water with a touch of wool wash, dish soap or hair conditioner!

Yarn labelled 'hand wash' must be hand washed to avoid felting or, use it for your felting projects!


Discount Codes

Life is expensive and so is yarn, but creativity is important, especially when you're dealing with the stresses that come with being low or unwaged. We offer a 15% discount to New Zealand community services card holders, simply use the code COMMUNITY15 at the checkout. 

Fat tax is real and it sucks, every body deserves the joy of hand knitted garments! If you need 5 or 6 skeins to complete a project use the code ANTIFATTAX10 for a 10% discount. If you need 7 or 8 skeins use the code ANTIFATTAX15 for a 15% discount.

These are honour based codes, please use them if you need them and don't if you don't!